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Cyberall Group branch in USA is exemplary, the newspaper La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia, the best-selling newspaper in Catalonia and one of the best sellers in Spain, has made Cyberall Group as an example of a leading company in its sector that is close to the customer to provide better service through its branch in the USA. Cyberall Group, a distributor of electrical equipment exports to more than 70 countries, is one of the 3,150 Catalan multinationals in 2014 created a subsidiary abroad, becoming one of the 576 subsidiaries that are established in the United States. For [...]

The Spanish press highlights the success of Cyberall Group in the USA

The government of Catalonia has highlighted the success of affiliate Cyberall Group in Miami, United States. The growth of this company to distribute electrical equipment which are exported to over 70 countries has been included by the Government, has in a press release informing the national media. The Spanish press has echoed also expanding Cyberall Group in the Americas. Both agencies, information portals, newspapers in their digital editions and print media have highlighted the increase in [...]