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Cyberall Group branch in USA is exemplary, the newspaper La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia, the best-selling newspaper in Catalonia and one of the best sellers in Spain, has made Cyberall Group as an example of a leading company in its sector that is close to the customer to provide better service through its branch in the USA. Cyberall Group, a distributor of electrical equipment exports to more than 70 countries, is one of the 3,150 Catalan multinationals in 2014 created a subsidiary abroad, becoming one of the 576 subsidiaries that are established in the United States. For [...]

The Spanish press highlights the success of Cyberall Group in the USA

The government of Catalonia has highlighted the success of affiliate Cyberall Group in Miami, United States. The growth of this company to distribute electrical equipment which are exported to over 70 countries has been included by the Government, has in a press release informing the national media. The Spanish press has echoed also expanding Cyberall Group in the Americas. Both agencies, information portals, newspapers in their digital editions and print media have highlighted the increase in [...]

Cyberall Group makes the leap to the United States to offer a global service

Cyberall Group has made the jump to the United States with the objective of offering its customers a more global service connecting Europe and America. The company, which is dedicated to the distribution of electrical and industrial material and is directed by Dangel Salazar, has opened a new office in Miami.. The new headquarter is located in 2655 Le Jeune Rd., Suite 810 Coral Gables, FL 33134 in Miami Download PDF [...]

The Chamber of Commerce accompany Cyberall Group to design a roadmap for further growth

The Terrasa i comarca Chamber of Commerce will offer its support to Cyberall Group into the growing process that this distributor of electrical and industrial material will held in the next. This is the main agreement that the manager director of the chamber institution and the CEO of the company, Dangel Salazar, had made a few days ago in a meeting celebrated in the cental offices of the company, located in Aureli Capmany street in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Download PDF   [...]

Gimbernat University students visits Cyberall Group offices

The Audiovisual Production students from the Multimedia Design Master of the Tomàs Cerdà University Informatic School have visited the Cyberall Group offices located in Aureli Capmany 2 of Sant Cugat del Vallés. The main goal of the visit was to know how the Cyberall Group activities are developed "in situ" to elaborate a video that will be the corporative image of the company. Download PDF [...]

Toni Biada: “Cyberall Group has grown 20 times the number of web hits”

Toni Biada, CEO and founder of Einnova, spoke today on the radio show Connectats on Catalunya SER about Cyberall Group. Biada explained that Cyberall Group is a catalan SMEs that has grown 20 times the number of web hits. He also added that since Sant Cugat offers its products to the world. "Increasingly well positioned and go higher and higher in the search engines," he underlined Einnova founder, who added that this work positioning Cyberall Group develops two years ago has enabled its customers [...]

The Government qualifies the innovation strategy of Cyberall Group as “successful”

The Generalitat of Catalonia has considered a case of "successful" strategy of transforming innovative website Cyberall Group, which has been developed by Einnova. The Catalan government, through idigital, has exposed on the web site experience of this company because it is a "benchmark" for the SMEs and the self-employed in the country. Download press release in PDF [...]